What is Osteopathy?

I provide Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, including Osteopathy in the Cranial field, for those individuals where such treatment is indicated. I resolve to work with my patients on their health and healing issues, and expect that the patient will work at least as much as I do on these same issues.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths (D.O.s) and M.D.s both graduate from four years of medical school, then go through internships and residencies. We both learn how to diagnose and treat medical issues conventionally, using examination, testing, prescription drugs and surgery.

Additionally, Osteopaths learn how to diagnose and treat all types of medical conditions with their hands. These conditions include internal, musculoskeletal, psychological, andhormonal/chemical. We also work in the areas of sports medicine, pain management, traumatic injuries, concussions (wikipedia), and preventive medicine.

About this Practice

Osteopathic medicine is truly a wholistic medicine and my specialty. Along with your history and physical, I begin diagnosing and treating most medical issues with my hands. I use my hands to monitor very subtle movements in your tissues, central nervous system and the fluids that can reflect metabolic, emotional, and structural restrictions of your body. By giving me this information, your own body helps direct its course of treatment because I believe your body is its best medicine chest.

In addition to working with my hands to restore balance to you, it is equally important to listen carefully to what you say. After all, you have lived with yourself longer than anyone else. I also look closely at your eating habits. Since we are what we eat, we can treat by what we eat. We can correct a large number of medical conditions by eating balanced, nutritious meals. We can often avoid disrupting your system further with pharmaceuticals, invasive tests, or surgery. There is more to you than diet and medical issues.

My practice also considers lifestyle, your past experiences, and spiritual beliefs. Often, I design specific / precise exercises tailored to your needs at specific times. I consider all of these areas and combined with knowledge of medical school, internship, residency and on going medical training develop an individualized program and treatment for your current situation.

Since we are each unique, and constantly changing, office visits differ and treatments may vary.

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