Fee Schedule and Financial Policy

Fee Schedule

Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

New patient 2 hour appointment:
Established patient 1 hour appointment:
Established patient 90 minute session
Phone consultation:
$165 - $185
$50 - $120

Financial Policy

The purpose of this policy is to help ensure patients can afford to receive the quality of care they desire. It is our intention that costs be covered, as much as possible, by the patient benefiting from the service provided.

We are non-participating with all Insurance Companies

We do not file any claims with insurance companies, only Medicare. We do provide a receipt with codes appropriate to file yourself with your insurance. As we are non-participating there is no guarantee that you will receive any reimbursement, your insurance company in most cases will apply your claim to your out of network medical deductible.

As a medical provider, we must emphasize that our relationship is with you, not your insurance company. You are responsible for filing for reimbursement with your insurance company. Your receipt will include the medical diagnostic and treatment codes your insurance company will require to process your claim.

Medicare Patients

If you have Medicare you pay us up front at time of the appointment in full. We file Medicare electronically for you and in 4 - 6 weeks Medicare will send you a remittance explanation of benefits and a check for a percentage of your out of pocket expense.

Cash, checks, and Mastercard and Visa credit cards are accepted. Returned checks and outstanding balances older than 30 days, may be subject to a rebilling fee and/or bank charges. You will be asked for Mastercard/Visa information to hold your first appointment. The credit card will only be charged if the appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hour's notice.

Cancelled or Missed Appointments

If you must cancel an appointment, please notify us as soon as you can (leave a message if the office is closed) so that we have a greater chance of being able to serve another patient. You will be charged your full appointment fee for missed/cancelled appointments unless you provide at least 24-hour notice, (48 hours for your initial appointment).

Other Office Policies

This office does not participate in patients' litigation - Medicaid, Social Security/disability, motor vehicle or other accidents. This office will NOT be available or required to give opinions in reference to your condition including, but not limited to, depositions, hearings, testimony, and/or trials.

Correspondence services, such as copies of medical records, letters, forms, and phone calls with you, or on your behalf, may be performed upon your request or as required for your care. You, or the receiving party, will be billed for such services.

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