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13 2015-01-22 - 23:12 pm. Frances Barnhart
In June I walked into an open door that wasn't a door at all but a glass wall. I smacked my forehead into it with enough force to throw me backgrounds hitting the floor and giving me a concussion.

In September I began to have extreme visual disturbances, kaleidoscope imagery in the right field of my vision that would not stop spinning. Then they would just become fields of light, blocking out whatever was in that area of my vision. I then suddenly lost speech for about fifteen minutes. I couldn't get the right words out.

I raced to urgent care and they sent me to the hospital in an ambulance convinced I was having a stroke. I was admitted and given a series of tests. Everything was fine and they determined it was not a stroke and the only thing that seemed likely was something called ocular migraine. I mentioned my concussion to two neurologists and both said the concussion was too long ago to have caused this and settled on ocular migraine and dismissed me from the hospital.But apparently ocular migrains do not last long and comes and goes very sporadically.Mine was constant.

I had an appointment with Dr. Moore who had just come from a concussion conference and he worked on me for about an hour and ten minutes. When I sat up on the table all of my symptoms were gone including some mild depression and anxiety that started in June evidently as a result of the concussion. It is now almost February and I have had no symptoms since.

Frances Barnhart
12 2014-04-18 - 02:00 am. Sarah
I recently saw Dr Moore a the Birth Center in Charlottesville (I am pregnant) I wanted to let you know that all the back pain I was having (sciatica) has since gone away! It actually took me a few days to notice that I didn't have it anymore. I am really thankful and wanted to let you know how much you helped.
I appreciate it.

Thanks, Sarah
11 2014-04-09 - 16:58 pm.
In passing one day, a dear friend told me of a serious car accident she was in and about "this amazing practitioner who saved my life".

Seemed like a really good reference to remember.

I first met Dr Avtar Robert Moore about a year ago, I injured my right rotator cuff and the pain was indescribably excruciating. I was incapable of functioning on a very basic level - work was impossible; dressing, cooking, moving: all very challenging; and sleep was miserable.

Through gentle manipulation, Dr. Moore placed me in a comfort zone so I could, at least, get through the day. Through biodynamic osteopathy, gentle manipulation, who knows what else, my crisis mode ebbed. In addition, Dr Moore made sure my testing was completed, read and available for other specialists; worked to enhance a physical therapy program I was undergoing; constantly assessed my status with fresh eyes and even worked with my insurance company through several letters as an advocate on my behalf.

While each of these actions facilitated my health management plan, the real care was what he gave of himself.

My shoulder has continued to cause dysfuntion in many areas of my life, which has been exacerbated by the type of work I do. So, I continue to see Dr Moore on a fairly regular basis. I am always met with intuitive and educated care. While performing biodynamic osteopathy, it never ceases to amaze me how my body shifts into a completely different mode: I BREATHE!? My mind is clear, and I have the sensation of overwhelming calm and wellness.

While the stressors of life still occur, I am pleased to say that Dr Avtar Robert Moore's care and office continues to remain a safe harbor for body, mind and breath.
10 2014-02-28 - 11:56 am.
To whom it may concern:

I, like many 59 year old males in todays' busy world lead an very hectic and stressful life. Attention to health, and nutrition have taken an back seat to over-scheduling my life. I thought that I would avoid many of the aches and pains that follow my lifestyle, but I found out that I was not immuned to back problems, digestive problems, low energy, and terrible flexibility. Yes, I understood the implecations of "traditional medicine" and wanted to avoid Synthetic Drugs and unknown side-effects that could follow. So, I stopped, took some time and read all that I could find out about Osteopathic Medicine. In addition, I got several good referrals for Dr. Moore. For the last year, I have been treated and taken care of by Dr. Moore. Visits to Dr. Moore are very unique for me, in that, he sits with me and listens and actually tries to understand the problem, but also tries to trace the actual cause for my problem. I can honestly say that I have had an positive experiece by going to Dr. Avitar Moore and I would advocate Osteomedicine to anyone that wants to allow their own body to properly function vs. becomming dependant on drugs. In addiion, I find that the supplements work well, and Dr. Moore closely monitors my progress........
9 2013-12-03 - 04:54 am.
For years I have treated the periodic episodes of pain in my back and legs by seeing an orthopedist who prescribed painkillers and physical therapy. The pt was expensive and very time-consuming and it was not always successful. Since having met Dr. Avtar Moore a few years ago, the degenerative joint condition that has caused these periodic episodes has responded to his osteopathic treatments quickly and most successfully. It's amazing to me that this is so. Often I've told friends to whom I've recommended Dr. Moore that he is the only doctor I've gone to who has actually helped me with this particular kind of pain. Another condition he has helped me with occurred the day before I was to leave on an overseas trip: I pulled a muscle in my back. I thought I was going to have to suffer with it for days; however, Dr. Moore saw me immediately, and I don't know how he did it, but my back was just fine the next day when I boarded the airplane. I really thought I was going to have to suffer for a few days, but that was not the case: His treatments are also very peaceful and calming. I recommend him most highly.
8 2013-10-19 - 21:53 pm.
Dr. Moore is a kind and gentle person who spends a tremendous amount of time listening.

He seems to want to partner with his patients in their health care rather than dominate them. I find him very easy to talk to. Dr. Moore treats people not lab results. He seems to really understand that each person's body is unique and that even people with the same diagnosis may need variations of treatment. He believes in using the least invasive, most natural treatment possible. He uses his osteopathic training to help diagnose and treat. Though I had been taking Armour for several years, Dr. Moore is the first doctor to prescribe ENOUGH Armour to relieve my symptoms. I am in menopause and Dr. Moore has prescribed bio-identical hormones to help with those issues. He has checked the supplements I was taking osteopathically. By following his recommendations, I have reduced the number of pills I am taking each day, reduced my cost considerably, have been able to target supplements that really help my body and have been able to weed out supplements that don't work well for my particular body. I have been a patient of Dr. Moore's for a little less than a year. I have been doing some physically demanding work recently that is identical to what I did last year at this time. I am finding that I can work twice as long as I did last year without getting tired. My sense of fun and joy has finally returned.
7 2013-10-04 - 15:51 pm.
Dr. Moore is an attentive, gentle, and perceptive, doctor. Most specifically, I have had chronic back problems since 1978, and he has helped me avoid surgery and live a comfortable daily life.
6 2013-07-15 - 08:50 am.
Dr. Moore has helped me learn to pay attention to signals of distress from my body, mind, and spirit, and to participate in improving the harmony of these, and my overall health.
5 2013-05-24 - 23:13 pm.
Based on a study done by Washington and Lee University, this practice is one of 16 private practices that specialize in osteopathic manipulation in the surrounding four-state area.

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