Pain Management

We do not prescribe narcotic pain medications to new patients

The focus of our practice is to treat chronic pain with Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. if Patients knowingly set up an appointment to acquire narcotic pain medications they will NOT be filled and the patient will be charged for a full appointment.

Your pain is unique to you

The level of discomfort depends on your pain tolerance, and perception. Also, the effectiveness of pain meds, surgery, supplementations, exercise and the life style changes used to manage, relieve or correct the cause of the pain are important decisions.

Pain tolerance varies between people; high, moderate or low. Perception ranges from give me a pill or cut it out "to fix it" to, the pain can be used as a guide to correct the causes and preventing their recurrence thus improving my over all life. Supplements, pharmaceuticals, and surgery all work. Sometimes we need a bulldozer and other times a dust brush is just the right tool. There are side effects and risk to each one. The decision to use them is often based on the risks verses the benefits to both the patient and the environment. Remember that some of most everything we ingest ends up in our waterways.

Pharmaceutical pain medications usually are most effective for short-term use.

Supplements generally have fewer side effects and support the body in the direction that it's already healing us.


Osteopathy can reduce or eliminate the use of supplements, pharmaceuticals and surgery as well as diagnose and correct the causes of pain. Using subtle movements in the body's tissues, osteopaths can diagnose the pain's origin. Their subtle manipulation of these tissues facilitates the direction that your body is already working to relieve your pain. Reasons for pain can be multiple such as one or more accidents, illnesses or stressors. The cumulative effects of these often cause the pain. Osteopaths release these effects from your tissues allowing your body to return to its optimal health. This is why it is important to have trauma from these sources released before their effects become chronic.

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