Working with You

Who we serve

We treat newborns, children, adults of all ages and perinatal mothers.

Working with You

It is our intention to provide you with exceptional care and service, ensuring that all patients are seen in a timely fashion. I spend time listening to you to properly diagnose and design a treatment plan for you. We space appointments to consider all patients for the day. If for any reason you are running behind call us promptly to see if we can continue with your appointment or if we need to reschedule.

We appreciate your participation in this community of self-care and mutual respect, and your understanding when Dr. Moore is running late, or if we have a need to reschedule your appointment.

At the follow up visit(s) we determine how you are responding and what we need to do to continue towards your ideal health. You are an integral part of your health and well-being. Your full participation is both desired and expected. What does this mean for you? We will work together to optimize your understanding of, and relationship with, all aspects of yourself physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We will determine appropriate forms of self-care for you. These may include self-observation, food choices, lifestyle modifications, exercises and/or nutritional supplementation and medication.

What You can do to facilitate Your Care

So we can focus on you during the visit, please fill out a New Patient Packet or a Patient Progress Packet prior to your appointment. If you do not have access to a printer we would be happy to print forms and mail them to you. OR You can simply write down concerns and questions you desire to discuss with Dr. Moore and bring them with you, along with a list of current medications and supplements. (see forms page for a complete list of forms)

History and Physical
Evaluation and Management
Financial Policy

Write down the concerns and questions you desire to discuss with Dr. Moore and bring them with you. If you are experiencing symptoms, note for each symptom:

  • When you first began experiencing the symptom(s)
  • Have you experienced similar symptoms in the past?
  • How many times?
  • When was the last time you experienced this symptom?
  • when (time of day, activity, etc.) each symptom seems better or worse
  • what the intensity level is (1-10 where 10 is unbearable)
  • what the quality of the sensation is (numbness, burning, stinging, sharp, dull, etc.)

How we can assist you

Hannah Slough McKemy - Office Manager

Hannah Slough McKemy will be pleased to assist you with scheduling, billing information or any other administrative matters.

If you have any questions regarding the financial policy, please contact my office before your appointment. We will be happy to discuss it with you.

If you are expecting Dr. Moore to follow-up with you before your next appointment, please mention it during checkout so we can put it on the schedule. If you do not hear from us as planned, please call. Administratively, please inform us of changes in your personal information or Medicare. If you feel that you will need extra time, please inform us in advance so that we may schedule you appropriately. If you need to reschedule/cancel, please inform us as soon as you know so another patient may be served.

Reminder: you will be billed if you fail to provide at least 24-hour (48 hour for new patient) notice when canceling an appointment.

What To Expect In Your First Appointment

  • 30-60 minutes of discussion
    during which you and Dr. Moore will begin building your healing relationship - including reviewing your medical history, present lifestyle, reasons for seeking his care, and any questions or concerns you may have regarding his methods of treatment.
  • 5-15 minutes of examination and diagnosis
    during which Dr. Moore will perform an appropriate level physical exam and focus on your specific concerns.
  • 20-30 minutes of osteopathic treatment
    during which Dr. Moore will use observation and gentle motion to encourage your body to move toward optimal balance and function.
  • 5-10 minutes of quiet
    during which you will rest and integrate your treatment and Dr. Moore will observe your body`s reaction to treatment and complete his documentation of your visit.
  • 5-10 minutes of discussion
    during which you and Dr. Moore will review your plan of action and any questions you may have about your treatment this day, and determine when you will come in again. Any additional health concerns you raise at this time may be discussed at your next appointment.
  • 5-10 minutes data entry, checkout, and scheduling.

What to Expect in a Regular Appointment

Regular 1-hour appointments will generally follow the same basic pattern as your initial appointment, except that the time spent in all activities but osteopathic treatment will be much shorter.

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